Group Managing Director’s Message

Formed in 2002, the Sunshine Group has expanded its footprint in Sri Lanka by transforming itself into one of the country’s leading conglomerates and diversifying its roots of expertise into several key sectors of Sri Lanka’s economy such as agribusiness, healthcare, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and energy.
Since the formation of our parent company in 1967, we have been powered by an entrepreneurial spirit and it is this very sprit that has empowered Sunshine Group to push the envelope and enter into ground breaking strategic partnerships with local and global companies in order to further develop our growing presence in key business areas and deliver superior products and services to our consumers.

We are a trusted brand in Sri Lanka and we have the scale and sharpness to produce high-quality products and deliver quality, freshness, innovativeness through our products, as committed. Our insights into local market help us to create a diverse brands’ portfolio. While they have won a number of local and international accolades, our brands, most importantly, have won and touched the hearts of many Sri Lankans.

Our people are the true force behind our great success. As the most valuable asset and the foundation of Group’s mission and future vision, they play a significant role in sustainable growth and good governance-two integral elements of our management policy. Our beloved employees have helped Sunshine to be reckoned as an established brand in Sri Lanka with product superiority and a set-up of effective international systems. Our transparent and stable governance practices spread across the Group’s companies.

While the companies within the Group are continued to be successful in their respective fields, we are geared up to ride on the next wave of growth. The strength of our systematic processes, world-class infrastructure and association with dynamic brand names and retailers, Sunshine Group has a great exposure to feel the evolving market pulse, locally as well as globally.

We are leveraging our already established peer industry position to significantly grow our business, improve profitability and deliver healthy shareholder value. While maintaining our firm focus on maximising shareholder value, we have set in motion, strategic plans, to position our core business in emerging global markets as well.

At Sunshine, we believe in doing things right and deliver shareholder value. We are focusing on building an adaptive team and culture-one that can continually renew itself and thrive on change. We have demonstrated that we have the right strategy, right culture and right geographical footprint to deliver consistent and sustained value for our stakeholders.