Sunshine Foundation for Good

About Sunshine Foundation for Good

To commemorate the 50-year milestone, Sunshine Holdings PLC intends to integrate Corporate Sustainability to its business as one of the key objectives in the business strategy.

The Foundation for Good was initiated to centralise all CSR efforts undertaken by the Group through a sustainability committee and a project chair with clear objectives that will aim to drive change towards sustainability. The Foundation will be registered as a separate business entity of Sunshine Holdings PLC in order to better handle management, allocate funds and monitor the overall purposes of the CSR efforts.


Our Objectives

Health & Education have been identified as the two pillars of the Foundation.


The inspiration behind Our Logo

The conch inspired the logo of Sunshine Holdings PLC. The four colours on the conch depicts a certain value in the shape of the Tree of Life. The symbols and the colours depict the values of the foundation we live on.

The green colour represents ‘responsibility’, which is also the colour of the roots of the tree and the leaves, which both work together to bring life to the tree. Red stands for ‘integrity’ and ‘innovation’, and is the colour of the trunk of the tree which holds the entire structure together. Blue and yellow stands for ‘trust’ and ‘perseverance’ which are the colours of the fruits of the tree; just as we believe that trust and perseverance are the fruits of integrity, responsibility and innovation. Sunshine Group’s core values are repeated in the logo with each word making up the shape of the tree.

The ‘tree’ as a whole symbolizes good health, bright future and positive energy. It also represents balance, learning, growth and harmony. This is to emphasize that the business does not grow by itself, it is interdependent on various factors like the environment and the people within the Group, similar to a tree being dependent on water, sunlight, insects & birds for pollination to help it grow. Our tree provides shelter and nourishment to those around it, which then creates a new fruit that gives life to the next generation, to begin anew.