Mr. Govindasamy Sathasivam – Director

Mr. G. Sathasivam began his career in the pharmaceutical sector. Over the 48 years of success and innovation, he established Sunshine Healthcare Lanka Limited (SHL) into a leader in Sri Lanka’s pharmaceutical industry. Not content to rest on his laurels, he drove the Group’s diversification into uncharted territories – moulding Sunshine Holdings into the pride of the nation.

Mr. Sathasivam’s business acumen is recognized both in Sri Lanka and abroad. A testimony to the vote of confidence in his abilities is his close relationship with the TATA Group – an Indian and global corporate giant involved in a multitude of sectors. With confidence in the good stewardship of Mr. Sathasivam, the TATA Group initially joined hands with Sunshine Holdings to acquire a single regional plantation company in Sri Lanka. The fact that the TATA Group has subsequently moved into launching several joint ventures with Sunshine Holdings further underscores the recognition given to the management of Sunshine Holdings and the emphatic faith in its Founder.