Sunshine Group raises Rs. 2 million for Trail 2016

A strong turnout and dedicated participation from across the Sunshine Group of companies helped raise over Rs. 2 million towards the Colours of Courage Trust by the end of Trail 2016.
A total of 128 Sunshine Holdings employees, drawn from across the entire Group of companies including several senior company officials directly participated in and supported the break-through charity event using the social media hashtag #SunshineforTrail.
Trail 2016 aims to raise US$ 5 million towards the expansion of facilities and installation of state-of-the-art equipment at the oncology unit of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital in the Galle District. Notably, this was the first time that Sunshine Group officially served as event partner.
In addition to their cash sponsorship, the Group’s subsidiary Healthguard Pharmacy also donated a further Rs. 250,000 worth of essential medical supplies toward the event, over and above employee’s personally-generated donations which reached Rs. 1.2 million as at 26th October 2016.
Speaking on the event, Sunshine Group Managing Director, Vish Govindasamy said: “The Sunshine Group has its roots in healthcare and in that regard, we are well aware of the highly emotional nature of the fight against cancer. Most people have personally felt the effects of this terrible affliction either directly or through the experience of a loved one and despite the excellent progress made towards helping such people, there is much more that remains to be addressed.
Our team of employees across the entire Sunshine Group is fully committed towards supporting Trail 2016 and we are extremely pleased to have had this opportunity to support such an important and impactful initiative.”
Commencing from the 6th of October, the 670km walk attracted broad-based participation from across the island as over 2,500 Sri Lankans made their way along the grueling journey from Point Pedro in the North to Dondra Head in the South.
This year’s walk, a sequel to the 2011 Trail walk, from Jaffna to Matara, took 28 days covering 28 towns along the planned route. A host of brand ambassadors from film stars and musicians to cricketers all came together to be a part of the star studded brigade. For more information, please visit

Caption 1: Sunshine Holdings PLC, Group Head of Human Resources, Michelle Senanayake, together with Watawala Tea Ceylon Limited Project Manager Nicole Parakrama and Sunshine Holdings PLC Assistant Manager of Corporate Communications, Thilini Antony handing over a cheque for Rs. 500,000/- to Colours of Courage Director and co-founder of Trail Sri Lanka, Nathan Sivagananathan.