‘Zesta Connoisseur’ Introduced to Shangri La

Steeped in the art of tea, Zesta, Watawala Tea Ceylon’s flagship, award winning brand is creating delicious experiences for guests of the high end hospitality chain, Shangri La – across all their properties, worldwide. The ‘Zesta Connoisseur Collection’ is a range of 28 carefully curated blends that epitomise the luxury and elegance that is Shangri-La.

Commencing their landmark partnership with Shangri-La’s luxury resort in Hambantota in 2016, Watawala Tea Ceylon now provides the new and highly exclusive range of premium teas to guests at all Shangri-La Hotels, servicing 100 luxury hotels spread across 22 countries.

“That same evergreen shrub grown near sea level as compared to grown at 6,000 feet can have all these different flavour profiles,” explains Sidath Perera, one of Zesta’s Tea masters. “And then by changing elements of the manufacturing process you get even more flavour profiles.”

The collection of Zesta Connoisseur has several teas and herbal infusions — English Breakfast (an exceptional, bright, black tea) Moroccan Mint (a Ceylon ‘gun powder’ Green Tea with Peppermint leaves) and Lychee with Rose & Almond (a Ceylon black tea flavoured with Lychee, Rose & Almond). Each is fascinatingly distinct. The range also features herbal infusions like Chamomile and Rosehip & Hibiscus as well as flavoured teas such as Peach and Strawberry which are iced tea favourites.

A special feature is a range of four single estate Ceylon teas from Kenilworth, Waltrim, Shannon and Uva Highlands which embody the special taste and flavour characters that made Ceylon tea special. The ‘Zesta Connoisseur’ range is now available in lobby lounges, rooms, suites and banquet areas, enabling the hotels to offer the leading brand of speciality teas to their guests. Watawala Tea Ceylon have trained the hotel staff on the “Art of Tea” including educating them on the manufacturing and brewing techniques, which is essential to make that perfect cup of Ceylon tea.

The Zesta Connoisseur Collection was developed together with Shangri La, based on guest requirements. A lot of insight into unique and exclusive taste preferences, veering towards artisan, got us experimenting with new blends, especially for the range. Needless to say, our single estate teas, picked from the highest altitudes of the fabled elevations of the Nuwara Eliya region to the misty valleys of Uva and Dimbula are unparalleled in taste and lends to a perfect brew.

Zesta Connoisseur and Shangri-La Hotels are a natural fit – with both luxury brands offering the best to their customers. This landmark partnership represents an important milestone for Watawala Tea Ceylon and Sunshine Holdings—the best strategy to develop Ceylon Tea by building Sunshine’s own brands across the word with such significant partnerships.

A selection of the Zesta Connoisseur teas is available at the Zesta Gift Boutique of Shangri-La Colombo, offering guests from all parts of the world a collection of gift and Ceylon teas. These teas offer the full bodied, aromatic, distinct flavour which has become synonymous with the brand, Zesta.


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