Agri Business

Watawala Plantations PLC

Watawala Plantations PLC (WATA) is one of the leading plantation companies in Sri Lanka, which prides itself in being a producer of Palm Oil and other export crops. WATA is a subsidiary of Estate Management Services (Pvt.) Ltd., a joint venture between Sunshine Holdings PLC, TATA Global Beverages which owns UK’s No. 1 tea brand ‘Tetley’, and Pyramid Wilmar Plantations (Pvt.) Ltd.

WATA is a significantly diversified plantation company with a total extent of 12,438 Ha. The cultivated extent comprises of 3,157 Ha. of oil palm, 450 Ha. of rubber plantations and 67 Ha. of cinnamon. The remaining extent comprises of timber and fuelwood plantations, extents in conservation forestry, other spices, vegetable cultivation, jungle and patana, buildings, roads, etc.


The company manages 3 Oil Palm &  Rubber estates located in Southern province. WATA operates an oil palm mill and a cinnamon peeling centre creating employment for more than 1,546 people.WATA also owns two subsidiaries; Watawala Tea Australia Pty. Ltd. and Watawala Dairy Ltd. which is set up to develop and run a 1,000 milking cow Dairy Farm in the Lonach Estate in Hatton. This is a partnership with Duxton Asset Management – an Agri focused private equity fund out of Singapore, with extensive experience is Dairy Farming in Australia and Indonesia.


Furthermore, WATA has obtained and continues to comply with most important certifications on various aspects of business practices such as Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, ISO 22000, HACCP etc., which confirms the company’s commitment to the preservation of human rights and the environment and the processes and procedures pertaining to the quality of products. These also serve to benchmark WATA’s policies, agricultural practices, processes and procedures with international best practice.