Sunshine Healthcare Lanka Ltd

Beginning life as retail Pharmacy in 1967, we ventured into island wide pharma distribution, where we provide a highly customized service. The success of this service enabled us to acquire a thorough understanding of the entire market, and over the years our subsequent partnerships with the largest of healthcare companies, marketing and distributing their brands, have ensures us a leading share of the private healthcare market.

Marketing 1000 pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical diagnostic equipment and surgical products to 2000 pharmacies and over 3000 doctors Sunshine Healthcare is able to draw on our wealth of experience and bring our customers – doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare institutions the best healthcare services.

Our specialised sales and marketing staff ensure an efficient, frequent and highly professional service to our customers.

Recognising that our personnel are amongst our greatest assets, our sales and marketing associates are given comprehensive, specialised medical and field product training both locally and overseas, equipping them to be high calibre professionals in their field.

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Healthguard Pharmacy Limited

Healthguard Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Sunshine Healthcare, is now a well reputed network of 23 retail outlets across the Western Province. The modern Health & Beauty retail brand, has set the benchmark in healthcare retailing in the country by offering a range of health, wellness and beauty solutions to the Sri Lankan consumer. Healthguard is passionate about improving people’s wellbeing, through the curated quality of its offerings, one step at a time. Healthguard’s emphasis on service par excellence has been its competitive strength through and through. Strong plans are in place to expand its footprint rapidly in the Western Province within the next 2 years into a total of 35 stores in the western province.

Understanding the gaps in the wellness space, Healthguard entered the category with its own nutrition supplements, Pedia Plus for growing kids & Diabeta Plus for health conscious adults. To strengthen the portfolio, it has now launched many internationally known premium wellness brands such as GNC from USA and Brands Essence of Chicken from Singapore, in addition to the trendy beauty brands like Ulta3 from Australia & innovative beauty solutions like SHIFEI ready to use waxing strips.

“Our core tenet has been to be the standard in healthcare retailing. Centered on this belief, our business model strives to be more just than an ordinary pharmacy in our offerings, format and solutions. To us Healthcare Retailing is all about Living Better (Wellness), Looking Better(Beauty) and feeling better (Pharma).

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Surelife Wellness – Consumer Brands Division

Surelife was formed in 2011 in order to expand the Wellness, Nutrition and Beauty business for Sunshine Healthcare Lanka Ltd. Focusing on responding rapidly to market and consumer insights, Surelife was able to launch 5 own brands since 2011 and continues to broaden their strengths in Wellness, Nutrition and Beauty. Surelife has launched many internationally known premium wellness brands such as GNC from USA and Brands Essence of Chicken from Singapore in Sri Lanka. Over the years these have showcased significant success in their relevant categories. Maintaining a growth of 15% year on year, Surelife plans on diversifying and expanding the their brand range and focuses on introducing world class brands in Wellness, Nutrition and Beauty business to the Sri Lankan market.


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