Power Generation

Sunshine Energy Pvt Limited (SEL) is a subsidiary of Sunshine Holdings PLC. Through the years SEL has explored in investing in viable mini-hydro opportunities in the Country. Having commissioned Waltrim Hydropower Pvt Limited (generating capacity of 1.6MW) in 2012 and Upper Waltrim Hydropower Pvt Limited (generating capacity of 2.6MW) in 2016 is currently in the process of completing the construction of its 3rd power plant -Elgin Hydropower Pvt Limited (capacity of 2.4MW). The Elgin Hydropower Plant is due to be commissioned towards the middle of 2018.

With the proposed commissioning of the newest hydro plant in mid-2018, SEL would have a collective mihi-hydro portfolio of 6.6MW of power generation to the National Grid. Whilst exploring opportunities to constantly enhance the hydropower portfolio of SEL either through organic or inorganic growth prospects, SEL is also desirous to explore other renewable energy opportunities in Wind and Solar power generation.