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Healthguard Distribution, a fully owned subsidiary of Sunshine Holdings PLC, is the first Distribution-as-a-Service (DaaS) pharmaceutical model to be rolled out by a Sri Lankan healthcare company. It operates as a regulatory-compliant, island-wide distributor for high-quality health and wellness products to over 4500 healthcare retailers and hospitals in the country. Collaborations with a number of operators in consumer health and wellness, cosmetics, ayurveda, etc. for distribution services, helps Healthguard Distribution to expand with a view to distributing, not just pharmaceuticals, but virtually anything that can sit in a pharmacy. Healthguard Distribution has secured GDP and ISO 9001: 2015 standard certifications, cementing its commitment to maintaining quality and standards in the business process.


Healthguard Distribution boasts a robust and flexible Sales and Distribution (DSR) operational model that extends its reach to over 150 principal towns and 470 sub-towns nationwide. Our commitment to efficiency is evident in our promise of prompt order delivery within a 24-hour timeframe to any location across the country. Powering our operations is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, driven by IFS, providing seamless accessibility to product lineups, sales, and inventory data on any device. This technology ensures extensive traceability and real-time insights, reflecting our dedication to operational transparency. To enhance the order placement experience, we have introduced iOrder—an intuitive application that simplifies the process, revolutionizing user experience for our esteemed clients.


Our commitment to operational excellence extends to inventory and returns management. Our efficient system optimizes inventory processes, ensuring smooth management of return stock with minimal disruptions. Backed by a strategic demand planning team, we guarantee optimal stock levels and punctual deliveries consistently. Demonstrating unmatched proficiency in cold chain management, our extensive experience encompasses handling temperature-controlled, ambient, and cold chain products to preserve product integrity. Employing an advanced online temperature monitoring platform, Healthguard Distribution ensures 24/7 maintenance of products at optimal temperatures, exemplifying our dedication to quality assurance and reliability in the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Distribution Network

Our comprehensive distribution network comprises of seven Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs), strategically positioned to cover every district and town across the island. This network efficiently caters to over 4,500 customer points, encompassing various channels including retail pharmacies, stocking doctors, modern trade, private hospitals and government institutions.



Healthguard Distribution proudly holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). This globally acknowledged quality management standard underscores our steadfast commitment to delivering healthcare products of the highest caliber, aligning seamlessly with both customer expectations and regulatory mandates. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we demonstrate a dedication to comprehending and meeting the diverse needs and expectations of our clientele. The ISO 9001:2015 certification serves as a catalyst for a performance-centric operations framework, instigating a culture of continual improvement throughout our organization, with an unwavering emphasis on maintaining superior quality standards.

The prestigious Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certification, bestowed by Bureau Veritas in accordance with WHO guidelines, is also proudly upheld by Healthguard Distribution. This certification underscores our unwavering commitment to preserving the quality and identity of pharmaceutical products throughout every facet of the distribution process. Our primary focus is on ensuring the integrity of products and safeguarding patient safety. By diligently adhering to these standards, we actively work towards minimizing the risk of counterfeit medicines infiltrating the supply chain. This dedication not only enhances customer confidence but also fosters trust by assuring the reliability and authenticity of the pharmaceuticals we distribute.

Our Principals


For your pharmaceutical, wellness and cosmetic product distribution needs, please contact:

Healthguard Pharmacy Limited
805 Thorana Junction
Kandy Road
Sri Lanka.

Tel: +94 114 692 707, +94 114 692 709

Email: info.distribution@sunshineholdings.lk

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