Welcome to Sunshine Holdings PLC

Starting out as a retail pharmaceutical company, our group has been transformed into a diversified company with International links. Today, we are proud to be recognised as one of Sri Lanka's most respected conglomerates, with a core focus in Healthcare, Agribusiness, Consumer Goods, Dairy & Renewable Energy.

"The emblem of our company defines our path and emanates the essence of what we are: the energy of the sun that radiates prosperity. Each of our brands has been true to this spirit and the voice of our conch echoes their celebration."

Key Industry Verticals

At Sunshine Holdings, we are in a range of growth areas including Healthcare, Agri Business, Consumer Goods, Dairy and Renewable Energy.


Agri Business

Consumer Goods

Global Partnerships,
Shaping a Nation

Agri Business
Consumer Goods
Renewable Energy

Joint ventures and partnerships have been undertaken to enable the group to take advantage of new opportunities available in the international market.

Corporate Stability

Generating LKR 21 Billion in revenue for the financial year 2019/20, Sunshine Holdings PLC employees over 2,500 employees and is proud to be recognised as one of Sri Lanka's most respected corporate entities.

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Financial Performance

Corporate Social Responsibility

We Care

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We are always driven to add value and to strive to leave the planet for future generations.

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The Sunshine Group will endeavour to make our business a source of sustenance to more than its immediate stakeholders.

Encouraging Education

Watawala Plantations and other Sunshine Holdings Group companies enrich lives through community initiatives.

A career made of Sunshine

The "Sunshine" Team comprises of some of the most talented individuals in the sphere of Agriculture, Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Goods marketing and is over 10,000 strong.

Diverse Team