Manufacturing R & D


About Us

For over a decade, Lina manufacturing has used its R&D acumen to develop a range of pharmaceutical products for both the public and private sector. Committed to bringing quality medicine to all Sri Lankans, Lina also boasts the island’s only metered dosage inhaler manufacturing facility.

Products and Services

Lina Manufacturing manufactures a range of respiratory pharmaceuticals and devices including Beclovent, Flutivent, Salbuvent, Prazolin, Winterpan and the award winning Ventohaler inhalers.

Lina Spiro is the latest venture which focuses on manufacturing the latest technology metered-dose inhalers (MDI) which are for respiratory care and is the only such manufacturer in Sri Lanka certified to WHO-GMP standards, opening doors to international exports.


Our Principals

Lina Manufacturing is home to many of our renowned brands such as Beclovent, Flutivent, Salbuvent, Prazolin, Winterpan, Ventohaler inhalers and Lina Spiro.


Lina Spiro is the only, latest technology metered-dose inhalers (MDI) manufacturer for respiratory care in Sri Lanka certified to WHO-GMP standards, which has eventually opened doors to international exports.

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